Topaz 608 GL Model 140 with UV color on 6th color

ID 1227
Type Flexo CI
Year of construction 2010
In production YES
Available 4/2022
Number of printing units 6
Web width max. 1450
Printing width max. 1410
Printing repeat min. 380
Printing repeat max. 850
Speed max. 300
Unwinding Automatic
Max. reel diameter - unwinding 1000
Rewinding Automatic
Max. reel diameter - rewinding 1000


Machine can print 6 colors water-based or 5 colors + UV, ACE web cleaner, Material: paper 80-120 gr. Tension range of material: 50-600N, Water based inks and UV (6th color), Cliché thickness: 1,64, Web guide OPG, Semi automatic SA-U unwinder diameter mod.: 1000 mm, Electro-mechanic reel lifter, Automatic turret rewinder TA-R diameter: 1000 mm, Pneumatic pumps including washing system, Air shaft mandrels: SVECOM, Camera: BST Proscan 4000, Cylinders and shrink sleeves: Rossini, Register control: Grafikontrol , Eletromat, Zelo, 2 air shaft mandrels of 76 mm, Cross register: manual 50 mm, 6 closed chamber doctor blades, Pumps: 6+6, 1 UV pump, Aut. washing system by pneumatic pumps, Washing of the printing units: about 15 minutes per color, Not possible to prepare free printing units while the machine works, 3 UV lamps ELMAG on the towing calender, Thermoregulated anilox on 6th colour, 1 wałek chłodzący, Frame for the future installation of the videocamera for the control of printing by diagonal, Register control camera BST PROscan 4000 digital 3, Web guides, Banana roller, Slitter by Helios circular blades before rewinder, Visible in production, Delivery time: March – April 2022

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