Fischer & Krecke

34 DF 6/CNC

ID 1251
Type Flexo CI
Year of construction 1993
In production YES
Number of printing units 6
Web width max. 1500
Printing width max. 1450
Printing repeat min. 410
Printing repeat max. 1430
Speed max. 300
Unwinding Automatic
Max. reel diameter - unwinding 1000
Rewinding Automatic
Max. reel diameter - rewinding 1000
Printing cylinders (sleeves) Sleves - 80


The machine was installed in 1993 and taken into operation in 1994. Web inspection was renewed in 2015 on BST, type: Super Handy Scan 4000 - one-camera system fully motorized. Printing inks: solvent-based / equally prepared for water-based inks. 2 separately adjustable generators, 2 treatment electrodes. Automatic ink cleaning system (Autoclean) for anilox roller and doctor blade bank. Chain hoists electric for mounting the printing cylinders and anilox rollers. All material drives were renewed in 2021 (unwinding, central drive, draw/cooling roll, rewinding) Drive and control system. Complete web tension control was renewed in 2021. Automatic flying roll change unwinding and rewinding. Scraper banks were replaced in 2011. Paint pump system was replaced in 2011. Web edge control in front of the central cylinder. Web edge control before rewinding. Corona pretreatment: Ahlbrandt 2 x 3kVA Recess, intermittency, ceramic electrodes , 2 separately adjustable generators, 2 treatment electrodes. Perforation options. Control cabinet series air conditioned. 3 Paternoster for anilox rolls and format cylinders. Cylindrical and anilox rollers Handling carriages. Gear wheels for the format cylinders. Stairs mobile, paint access.

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