HM-1250 UD+SHD+W

ID 1273
Type Plastic bags
Year of construction 2013
In production YES

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Working width [mm] 1600
Cut-off length min. [mm] 200
Cut-off length max. [mm] 600
Speed max. 50
Output max. 60-100
Bag/welding type dolny
Material LD-PE / LLD-PE


High Performance Bag Making Line for The production of Paramount bags, Cross Handle Bags, and Wicket Bags. With Undivided handle strip sealed to the outer Side of the bottom gusset, and inside of the Bottom Sealing Gusset. (1) For Paramount Bag. Bag Width: 280mm – 600mm. Bag Length: 300mm – 600mm.

(2) For Cross Handle Bag. Bag Width: 280mm – 600mm. Bag Length: 300mm – 600mm.

(3) For Wicket Bag. Bag Width: 130mm – 420mm. Bag Length: 200mm – 420mm.

   Thickness of film.               30 mic – 100 mic                
    Heaters.                         5KW.  
    Total Machine Power required.    10KW.  
    Size of machine.                 14.00M X 3.50M X 1.85M.           
    Air Compressor.                  (Not Included).
    Machine Electrical Voltage        380V, 50HZ, 3φ+N.

    Machine Maximum Mechanical Speed is 100pcs/min.
    Machine Mechanical Light Speed is 50M/min.
    (1) For Paramount Bag: 60pcs/min.
    (2) For Cross Handle Bag: 60pcs/min.
    (3) For Wicket Bag: 80pcs/min.

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